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Top bars don’t need to be tiny you know. Check out this one.

Custom hardware and clever technical direction

Bring your content to your audience from anywhere in the world. 6 camera live streaming from anywhere you can get a cell signal.
Working with Boulder Media House for your livestream event means access to our in-house Tech Director and their years of live production experienced, armed with custom built, easily transportable streaming hardware capable of creating live experiences with up to 6 angles, professional audio mixing, live video and photo playback, and custom graphics. It’s like if your high school’s A/V club had a varsity team.
Custom Hardware
At the heart of our mobile streaming capabilities is a waterproof rack case housing a full livestream production center based off of the industry standard Blackmagic Design platform - from switcher to recording to in-line color grading, and finally to hardware encoding, we can take your live event to any major streaming platform with minimal setup.
Connect your Audience
We’ve worked with live events across the board from virtual concerts for major musicians, multi-person webinars, fashion shows, and conferences, and more. We can connect your audience to your event.
Pricing scales based on the size of your live event and the duration of live coverage. Big stage with more people? More cameras and supporting equipment. 


Just get it out there
Up to 2 cameras
Up to 3 audio sources
Basic photo and slide presentation


3 Camera setup with a live switcher
Up to 3 cameras
Up to 4 audio sources


Editing, Coloring, Titles, Custom graphics, stream your show with up to 6 cameras.
Up to 6 cameras
Up to 6 channels of audio