Important Announcement
Top bars don’t need to be tiny you know. Check out this one.

Set it in motion

BMH's Motion Graphics department specializes in creating fully customized motion graphic videos. Explain processes, present infographics, and showcase products through captivating 2D & 3D animation.

The Process

1. Write your story
Every great idea starts on paper. Develop a detailed story outline in collaboration with our innovative team of copy writers.
2. Visualize
We translate the story from words to visually compelling graphics. Together, we'll draft up the scenes, characters, and layout in your envisioned style and color.
3. Bringing it to life
This is where the magic happens: the animation. We'll make your characters move, your text spin & shake, and your graphics fall into place. Here, we connect the dots created in Step 2, with each intermediate frame hand-animated to result in a silky, smooth motion graphic.