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BMH Post is a full service, one-stop shop that strives to craft the most visually stunning and compelling stores. Our editors have an eye for detail and are experts in crafting impactful narratives. By blending your project’s needs with creative strategy, our post production team carries our work across the finish line.
Footage Organization & Syncing
It doesn’t matter how well a project was filmed if the footage doesn’t make it home to the editor!

Organization is an essential and often overlooked step in the creative process. Having a streamlined system allows multiple people to contribute and all be on the same page during the post production process. Organization helps us keep deadlines, ensure nothing is lost and ultimately frees up our post production teams to focus on the creativity rather than finding a clip that went missing.
Editing a project is like having a box of blank puzzle pieces that can be assembled in infinite different ways, and that all start with the sequencing. Creatively deciding how videos should be organized and presented to the audience has an enormous effect on the outcome. Whether we are trying to build suspense, convey information or pull at the heartstrings of our audience it all starts with sequencing.
Title Design
The opening title of a project sets the emotional tone for the rest of the video. Each genre of video has its own style and aesthetic. It needs to match what is coming next. We can quickly put the viewer in the right mood by starting with a dramatic title, or go the opposite direction with something light and airy.
Sound Design
Sound is half of every video! It doesn’t matter if the video is incredible if the sound design isn’t on the same level. Poorly captured audio quickly pulls the viewer out the experience, but professionally done sound design pulls them in even quicker. The right song at a moment of excitement, weakness or fear can make all the difference in the world.
Color Grading
Our color grading process focuses on the nuances within an image to enhance the mood. Many colorists polish an image, providing the same treatment across the board to all their images. Our colorists take into account the emotional objectives of a piece and polish images intentionally to enhance the messaging of every piece of content.
Animation & Motion Graphics
We offer 2D and 3D animation packages to enhance any project. Digital renders open up so many possibilities to create incredible, intentional content.