EarthRoamer LTi Digital Rollout

We created exterior and interior walkthrough videos as well as a minute-long commercial for the EarthRoamer LTi's rollout.

Earthroamer, the global leader in the overland expedition vehicles market, contacted us to showcase the new features on their LTi. We created a "sizzle" video to unveil the LTi to the general public, as well as two seperate videos walking through the interior and the exterior of the vehicles with the quality assurance specialist, Zach Reinier. Our videos have over 1.7 million organic views and have generated hype for the vehicles amongst new & existing customers, as well as fans of the brand.

The main themes we wanted to demonstrate through our videos were the juxtaposition and  harmonious relationship between nature & technology. As avid fans of the outdoors and people who rely & utilize technology every day to communicate, these themes quickly resonated with us and allowed us to create a visually and thematically cohesive video.