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30 second commercial spot for bespoke hat makers based in Denver, Colorado.

Director: Bailey Miclette
Cinematography: Ben Gillespie, Riley Clinton
Editing: Ben Gillespie
Production: Luca Damian, Nathan Raczynski



Boulder Media House excels at creating publish-ready content articulated to communicate each brand’s message. You have a story to tell, your business has a value proposition for its customers. You have the best product on the market, but how will you let people know that? We tell them for you. We help businesses tell their story.

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30-second television spot with a 5 minute educational brand documentary for public television distribution on the history and current uses of hemp and hemp farming.

Director: Ben Gillespie
Cinematography: Ben Gillespie
Editing: Ben Gillespie

Producer: Will Barnes
Narration: Rob Lowe



Boulder Media House’s team of Executive Directors draws on their combined 15+ years of experience to coordinate the most efficient productions possible, easing the stress and logistical issues that often accompany commercial video production. We house almost all the production equipment needed for commercial work at our Boulder, Colorado based studio and office, minimizing the need for expensive and time-consuming equipment rentals. Our production capacity and capability far outpaces any freelance or small team videographers in the Greater Denver Area and beyond.

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Educational brand identity documentary about craft brewing accompanied by 30-second commercial for public television distribution for the largest Denver based craft brewery.

Director: Ben Gillespie
Editing: Ben Gillespie
Narration: Rob Lowe



Our attention to modern visual trends and eye-catching media translates into the most appealing products that catch the attention of the widest audience. The Boulder Media House “look” is sleek, punchy, impactful, and appealing to both Gen-Z, millennial, and Gen-X. Our style makes otherwise mundane subjects visually interesting and topics that are already exciting even more impactful. We have worked tirelessly developing the Boulder Media House “look”, learning to articulate our collective creative vision while catering to the differences in each client’s needs and audience. The experience needed to know how to balance this visual compromise of form/function is one of the largest aspects of added value Boulder Media House provides over freelancers and smaller production teams.

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June Threads

60 second brand identity video for Denver based streetwear startup produced concurrently with a studio photoshoot for June Threads’ Spring 2019 line.

Video Director: Ben Gillespie
Production: Luca Damian, Nathan Raczynski
Photography: Bailey Miclette
Line Producer: Jackie Joyner



Our team is led and directed by our crew of Executive Directors, to which our Associate Directors report to, to which our Production Assistants report to. This tiered structure allows our team to tackle multiple productions concurrently, without any loss in quality or attention. Whether it’s two shoots for one brand on the same day at different places, or multiple clients scheduled at the same time, we have the manpower, equipment, and leadership to be wherever the our projects demand.

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OUtdoorsman Lab

Full product line videography and photography for e-commerce (Amazon) sales. Each product was covered with approximately 5 studio photos and 10 outdoor lifestyle photos along with a central product description video.

Video Director: Ben Gillespie
Production: Michael Starr
Editing: Ben Gillespie
Photographer: Bailey Miclette
Assistant Photographer: Trey Smith
Line Producer: Jackie Joyner



At our core, we believe we are business people first, designers second, and directors third. Our entire mission is to grow businesses, through the design of well directed media. Our capabilities don’t end at videography, however. Our team’s talent extends into commercial photography, graphic design, motion graphics and animation, sound design, and even web development. For creative disciplines that we don’t handle in-house, such as music composition, physical arts (painting, drawing, etc.), and 3D rendering, we have established and trusted relationships with the the best of the best.

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Shi Farms

Educational documentary on CBD marijuana agriculture accompanied by 30-second commercial for public television.

Director: Ben Gillespie
Cinematography: Bailey Miclette
Editing: Ben Gillespie
Narration: Lawrence Fishburne