Important Announcement
Top bars don’t need to be tiny you know. Check out this one.

Reserve equipment now.

Low Hourly Rates.


700 square feet of creative freedom. Beautiful natural light and blackout curtains if you are scared of the sun like us!
Colored Backdrops
Rolling C-Stands
Staging Lounge
Contact for Rentals


A space unlike any other. We know because we looked... a lot.
Per hour
3,200 Square Feet
Loading Bays
Industrial Textures
Beautiful Natural Light



Help us help you get the content you need.
/10 Hours
Priority Booking
Basic Lighting Kit included
Access to the BMH Studio


Lighting Add-Ons

Cooler light makes cooler content!
You can call them Kroger brand Asterras or lightsabers, but they are pretty lit ;) 4x RGB lightsabers, sync cables, 2 hour battery life, charging cable included
Not quite as bright as the sun but pretty bright.
Projectors make great lighting accessories. You can use it as a key, backlight, or project textures behind the subject for some visual interest.
FJ 400 + Beauty dish and the FJ 200. Battery operated and pack quite the punch.
Atmospheric Aerosol to catch some spooky rays

So... a few rules before we get started

Can I use my own gear? 
You can use your own camera kit and lights if they are LED and draw less than 700 W. However, we can't allow you to bring any additional grip gear. Grip trucks are a no-go for the property. You can rent lights from us and if there's any additional needs for your shoot, give us a call
What about haze?
Water based hazers are great. Rent ours! Haze-in-a-can? Sure. Smoke bombs? Absolutely not. No smoke bombs, oil-based fog machines, spray paint or smoking (cigarettes, cigars, computer cigarettes or marijuana)
What if my shoot is... uhh adult content? 
Keep it classy. If your grandma was watching would she be proud/would she be cool with it?
Can I reschedule? 
You can reschedule your shoot within 72 hours of the shoot date. After that, there is a cancellation fee.
Unfortunately no automobiles or motorcycles are allowed in the space.
I have more questions
Email Jeremy at and he will answer all your questions!