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We move people through visually captivating and intentional content.

Boulder Media House is a creative agency and video production company servicing mission oriented corporations, impactful non-profits, ingenious marketing and advertising agencies, gifted professional athletes, and visionary artists and their record labels. The easy way to say it is that we move people through visually captivating and intentional content.

We create brand identities people love. The media we create bonds customers and the things they love -- the things you do. We create visually captivating content to bring people and communities together by supporting brands that add value to their customers’ lives.
We cultivate relationships. In our data driven world and industry, the human aspect of marketing is often forgotten. We build every piece of content with the goal of leaving an emotional impact on the viewer, driving towards action. We also strive to build long-term relationships and friendships that benefit all parties. More than 90% of our clients continue to partner with us after the first project.

Headquartered near the River North Art District, our private studio, office, recording booth, and warehouse spaces provide us with virtually endless workspace and headspace to ideate and build content to tell our client’s stories. With locations in Atlanta and Los Angeles, we provide bi-coastal support to our clients no matter where they need us.

The most beautiful commercial in the world means nothing if it doesn’t convert to sales.

We keep our team small and focused on purpose. We work in a fast-changing industry and our clients need to be able to pivot strategy quickly, keeping everything in-house and agile allows us to move as quickly as our clients need to stay relevant and current. Ultimately, it comes down to us striving for excellence and getting results as fast as possible.

We work hard because we love what we do. We wouldn't want to be doing anything else and we want you to experience the passion we have for balancing creativity, fun, and professionalism.


It’s easy to say our gear is nice, so we’ll just get that over with: We shoot on RED Cinema Cameras and use really expensive lights. Gear is great and there are plenty of creative possibilities world-class sensors provide, but what really gets our juices flowing is the relentless pursuit to create the best visually captivating content possible.

Every piece of content we make needs to be better than the last. We are constantly evolving, learning, and striving to be the best in our respective talents while performing as a well-oiled machine.

Peep the Crew

Our main crew is tight. Our flex crew is massive. Our network is worldwide

Our Crew


CEO, Director

Jeremy Elder

CBO, Director of Partnerships


President of BMH Athletics


CCO, Creative Director


COO, Executive Producer


Senior Editor



But wait, there's more!

We have an enormus network of artists, animators, motion designers, photographers,
cinematographers, camera operators, drone ops, grips, voice talent, and editors that we use to flex to the scale of any production.