Riley Clinton

Primary styles: Documentary, Real Life, Reality

Secondary styles: Commercial

Riley is an Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker form Denver, Colorado. His long-form work often tracks the story of a subject through their rises and falls, with a punchline that leaves viewers wanting more. His short-form work is influenced by his time working for the NFL: quick cuts, to-the-point storylines, and a dose of excitement.

AJ Campli

Primary styles: Comedy, Drama, Narrative

Secondary styles: Commercial

AJ is a writer/director based in Denver, Colorado. He's created films in maximum security prisons, on vegetable farms, and under his own couch. AJ is interested in making films that explore the dark comedy in some of life's heaviest moments. His short-form work will often leave you laughing or crying (sometimes both). He will reference the Myth of Sisyphus if you let him. Please don't let him.


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