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Nerdio is a valuable and repeating client of director AJ Campli, and though they have been consistently satisfied with the video services they've hired for so far, they had yet to see what he and BMH were capable of when tasked with a more traditional commercial project. With limited budget and a quick timeline, director AJ Campli was tasked with writing and directing a comedic commercial showcasing how Nerdio is an invaluable asset to their clients (3rd party IT providers, also known as Managed Service Providers (MSPs)). It was important to Nerdio to illustrate their confidence in the quality and timeliness of their service regardless of the industry their clients specialize in. This commercial spot was premiered at the 2024 NerdioCon, a 600+ attendee week long convention for partners and clients of Nerdio in February of 2024. It was received with overwhelming positive feedback.

Key Points

  • It was critical that BMH minimize production costs for this project but without sacrificing production value, to do so, DP Bailey T. Miclette opted for a less expensive Arri Amira versus an Arri Alexa Mnii, which has the same sensor and image quality but at a lower cost -- the tradeoff being weight and mobility, which was a non-issue for this concept.
  • There were a total of 7 talent casted for this commercial
  • This entire commercial was shot in one location in Downtown Denver to further minimize cost and simplify logistics

Services Provided

  • Production
  • Crewing
  • VFX


Director: AJ Campli
DP: Bailey T. Miclette
1st AC: Dustin Wheeler
2nd AC & BTS: Riley Clinton
Gaffer: Tyler Trepod
Key Grip: Teej Morgan
PA: Deanna Schaekel
Editorial: AJ Campli
Colorist: Jonny Sirotek
VFX: Casey Webster

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