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Riley Clinton


Biofire is a Colorado-based technology firm focused on creating commercially viable, biometrically secured firearms for mass-market distribution. Knowing how groundbreaking (and polarising) their product was, they knew an important public reveal of their technology was critical in communicating that the main priority with their technology is safety. Biofire reached out to BMH to produce two videos -- one featuring a number of "in-home" scenarios that show how the firearm is registered securely to a user and how safe it is to have around a family, and another to show it in action on a firing range, demo'd by real Navy SEALs,

Key Points

  • In order to safely film the live firearm on the range, we utilized long dolly track and an eMotimo ST4 robotic head system to position the camera in front of the firing line without putting any crew in danger
  • We conducted safety meetings at the beginning of each production day and had dedicated individuals on set who were responsible for the safe handling of the firearms
  • There were a total of 11 separate talent in this campaign
  • These launch videos and images were utlized by nearly every major American news outlet in the public launch of Biofire on live news broadcasts at a national level

Services Provided

  • Pre-production
  • Location scouting
  • Casting
  • Creative concepting and strategy
  • Production (video)
  • Production (lifestyle and studio photography)
  • Post-production and finishing
  • Delivery



Creative Director: Jules Kramer
Creative Director: Charlie Carlisle
Director: Riley Clinton
Producer: Tori Soper
DP: Bailey T. Miclette
1st AC: Vince Nett
Photographer (Lifestyle): Jeremy Elder
Photographer (Studio): Jake Holschuh
Sound: Dave Schaff
Gaffer: Tyler Trepod
Key Grip: JP Montoulieu
Swing: Cheshire Li
PA: Brandon Smith


Post Producer: Tori Soper
Lead Editor: Jakob Siegel
Colorist: Brian DeHerrerra

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