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Amar Chebib


One of the fantastic things about being a Boulder-founded company is...knowing our way around Boulder! When NYC-based producer Clare Stukel reached out to us asking for assistance with the Colorado piece of a larger Birkenstock campaign, we were thrilled. Over the course of three weeks, we helped director Amar Chebib and DP Daryl Hefti remotely scout a number of mountain locations in the Boulder, Colorado area -- right by where ultrarunner Scott Jureck, the star talent in the Colorado ad, lives. We assembled a crew of over 20 for two full production days on Loveland Pass and all around Boulder, handling everything from permitting to equipment rentals to ensure a successful production.

Key Points

  • BMH facilitated numerous virtual location scouting sessions with above-the-line team
  • BMH provided insurance, handled permitting, and crewed for over 20 positions
  • There were a total of 4 major locations across 2 full production days

Services Provided

  • Location scouting
  • Line producing
  • Crewing
  • Production
  • Delivery


Director: Amar Chebib
1st AD: Jeff Lewis
Senior Producer: Clare Stukel
Production Manager: Tori Soper
Production Manager: Kent Youngblood
Writer: Mike Dolan
Art Director: Liam Speranza
DP: Daryl Hefti
1st AC: Bailey T. Miclette
Steadicam Operator: Steven Russell
Drone Pilot: Troy Fairbanks
Key Grip: Zach Lewis
Dolly Grip: Cheshire Li
Social BTS: AJ Campli
Groomer/Wardrobe: Jessica Jeanne
PA: Savannah Brassell
PA: Lily Boles
Catering/Medic: Karin Marshall

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